Wireless communications: the new religion?

Every time I turn on my computer, Microsoft treats me to one of a selection of beautiful landscapes: majestic snowy mountains, rivers, forests, waterfalls, deserts.  What is never, ever in any of these pictures is a cell tower.  Not one.  We are covering the whole world with cell towers, but we want to pretend that they don’t exist and that the landscape is as beautiful as it ever was.  The trouble is, that just isn’t true. In the real world, cell towers are everywhere that’s even remotely accessible.

I live on a Greek island.  It’s a beautiful place–or it used to be.  These days, just about everywhere I look, the landscape is marred by at least one cell tower. Sometimes it’s just a slender booster mast, sometimes it’s a big main cell tower, and sometimes there’s a collection of cell towers and booster masts all clumped together on a hill.  They do not improve the view.  They spoil the view.

Look at the picture at the top of this page.  The tiny white building in the middle of the cell towers is a small chapel dedicated to the Prophet Elijah.  Most Greek villages have one nearby, and they go there at dawn on July 20th of every year for a sunrise ceremony. It’s a tradition far older than Christianity itself, because the Prophet Elijah of the Greek Orthodox Church is Apollo the sun-god of ancient Greece.  These days, most of the churches dedicated to the Prophet Elijah, all of which are built on hill and mountain tops, are surrounded by cell towers.

I used to be very fond of this little church.  My baby sister was baptized there in 1968.  Then it was surrounded by forest, and we made our way up by a path because no bulldozer had yet torn a road up through the trees.  Now there are no trees.  Now I wouldn’t dare go up there.  Every one of those cell towers gives off non-ionizing radiation, and it’s dangerous to get too close to them.  In fact, it’s dangerous to live in the house pictured below the church. Numerous scientific studies show that living within half a kilometer of a cell tower causes cancer and all sorts of other health problems.  Here in Greece, a lot of cell towers are situated near homes.  There’s nothing anyone can do about them.

The presence of cell towers surrounding churches like this one worries me, because it says something fundamental about our priorities in the modern wireless world.   Whether you believe in God or not, whether you are a Christian or a Muslim or something else, a church is a sacred place.  It was built as an act of faith by people who believed in something and who went there to pray, to celebrate their faith, to baptize their children or get married.  To see it surrounded by cell towers is to ask, who is God in today’s world? Are wireless communications more important even than God?  Because that seems to be the message here.  The high ground, moral and otherwise, seems to be occupied by cell towers.

Cell towers on mountains and hills are bad enough; they’re ugly,  and they irradiate the countryside for miles, killing birds, insects, plants and people. The radiation from cell towers affects all life forms.  Soon, though, it’s going to get a lot worse.  Have you heard of 5G?  That’s the fifth generation of wireless technology, and they plan to make it ubiquitous.  By that I mean they plan to cover every inch of the planet we live on with radiation.  How are they going to do that?  They won’t put cell towers on mountains for 5G; they’re going to beam it down onto the earth’s surface using satellites. I’m not kidding;  there will be at least 20,000 satellites beaming 5G frequencies onto the earth from space and the upper atmosphere.  There will be no place to go and nowhere to hide from all that radiation.  We will look up into the heavens and half of the bright objects we see in the night sky will be satellites beaming 5G down at us. No celestial inspiration there. If God is up there, will our prayers even reach Him through the electromagnetic clutter?

What are our priorities in this world?  Do we want insects to pollinate our crops and all the wild flowers, birds to fly overhead and sing, trees and plants to flourish, and ourselves healthy to enjoy the beautiful planet we live on?  Or is it so important to send endless data through cyberspace that we are willing to give all that up?  For me, it’s a no-brainer. I want to be healthy, and I want nature in all her richness and variety.  These things are incompatible with modern wireless communications. The cell towers have got to go.  The satellites must never be launched.

Stop the launch of 5G satellites by signing the 5G Space Appeal. Read more here:















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