Can wireless technology be used safely? Not as long as there are cell towers.

People are starting to get the idea that mobile devices are dangerous to use.  There is a good deal of advice on how to use wireless technology safely: don’t put a mobile phone next to your head, don’t keep it in a pocket next to your body, don’t tuck it in your bra. All that is well and good, but the best advice of all is this: use wired connections and landlines instead.

The thing is, if you own a mobile device of any kind, whether it’s a simple cell phone, a smartphone, a tablet, a wearable gadget, whatever, you might be able to keep it a certain distance from your own body, but you’re still using it. And that means you’re accessing mobile infrastructure–Wi-Fi or a cell tower. After all, your device can’t operate without the infrastructure, so it has to be there to ensure you get service when you need it.

If you own a mobile device, if you have a subscription with a wireless service provider, they are going to erect cell towers to serve you wherever you go. And the cell towers themselves are harmful.  They are harmful to anyone who lives near them, and they are harmful to nature.  People who live near cell towers get sick.  There are many reports of cancer clusters among people who live within 400 meters of a cell tower.  People who live near cell towers may develop thyroid problems, or asthma, or simply feel unwell a lot of the time. They may want to move away from the cell tower, but it’s not necessarily easy to sell a house that’s near one.

Nature is also harmed by cell towers.  Birds, for instance, don’t just fly away and go somewhere else when a cell tower goes up.  Birds tend to be territorial, and they live and breed in a limited patch which they view as their own.  Migrating birds return year after year to the same places to breed.  The trouble is, the radiation from cell towers affects the birds just as much as it does people.  They too suffer from oxidative stress and get sick.  Their cognitive processes may be affected, making them confused and unable to function. A study of storks nesting near cell towers in Spain records how the birds were unable to build their nests properly.  Even worse, the eggs that birds lay in nests near cell towers often do not hatch at all, and the chicks that do hatch may have damaged DNA and be sterile.  That means there is no next generation of birds, so the birds gradually die off.  The same is true for insects, which are also territorial.  Most wild animals are territorial as well. And plants, of course, can’t move at all.

So, even if you practice “safe tech” and try to avoid harming yourself by keeping your wireless device at a distance from your body, there are still cell towers in the background somewhere.  If you can get a signal, you are still being irradiated by the cell tower, and so is every creature within range.

This is what I want to convey with the slogan pictured on the T-shirt below. There is no safe way to use wireless technology because there is no way to protect people or wildlife from cell towers.  The slogan is available on T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, bumper stickers, tote bags and yard signs.

Screenshot_2018-11-08 Cell towers kill T-shirt

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