Your smartphone is killing me

Below is the T-shirt my husband wishes he’d been wearing at the bank yesterday.  We were sitting down, waiting for our turn, when the woman sitting behind us pulled out her smartphone.  She held it a foot or so away from her own head as she engaged with the screen.  Unfortunately, that put her smartphone only inches away from the back of our heads.  Not having any desire to be that close to her radiating device, we moved.

If the woman had lit a cigarette, everyone in the bank would have immediately turned around and told her to put it out.  It took many years for smoking to become socially unacceptable in enclosed public places, and I remember a time when the bank would have been thick with smoke as people puffed away while waiting to be served.  How do we get the message across that a smartphone is just as bad–in fact, even worse–for people’ s health?

Cigarette smoke is visible.  You see it and smell it, so you know it’s there.  Non-ionizing radiation from cell towers and Wi-Fi and wireless devices is invisible, undetectable by sight or smell.  If people could visualize it, they would realize that the atmosphere around them was a dense fog of signals emanating from cellphones and smartphones, from Wi-Fi routers,  from wearable devices, from the cell towers outside.  They would see the waves of electromagnetic energy flow through their own and other people’s bodies.

To be fair, the woman behind us wasn’t the only person in the bank using a smartphone.  A young mother was trying to distract her toddler by showing him her smartphone, and a four-year old boy was using one to play a game.  If the mothers of these children realized they were putting their children’s health at risk, they wouldn’t let them anywhere near a smartphone, any more than they would give their children a cigarette.

In today’s world, it’s still acceptable to use a smartphone in a public place. This needs to change, because people have the right to health, and one person’s smartphone affects another person’s health.


Screenshot_2018-11-10 Your smartphone is killing me T-shirt

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