5G from Space: Nowhere to Run, No Place to Hide

The bumper sticker displayed below says it all: when 5G frequencies are beamed at the earth from space, there will be literally nowhere to run, and no place on this planet that anyone can hide from them.  The only way to escape them will be by living underground, which may be why so many of the ultra-rich are preparing underground bunkers. These aren’t your standard tornado-cellar with a week’s supply of food and water, either.  They’re underground mansions where people can survive for a very long time.  Now why would they need to do that?

When I talk to people about how dangerous wireless technologies are, about how they are affecting people’s health and harming nature in so many ways, I get several kinds of responses.  Some people have observed, like I have, that birds and insects are disappearing, and they’re convinced that wireless technologies are bad for health.  Some people don’t want to believe wireless technologies are harmful, or they think they can protect themselves from the radiation by not holding the phone to their head.  And some people ask, “If it’s as bad as you say, why are they (the telecoms companies, governments, regulatory bodies, the WHO) allowing this to happen?  Don’t these people have children and grandchildren?  Don’t they care about nature, or about their own health?

These are good questions, and they’re not easy to answer.  I think the answer is complicated: it’s about money, it’s about trying to revive failing economies,  it’s about belief that the regulatory agencies couldn’t possibly lie about something as basic as health, and it’s about ignorance.  I don’t suppose for a second that every government minister or senator or representative has actually sat down and read all the research showing why and how wireless technology is harmful.  Most of them use this technology themselves. And when it comes to voting on legislation to allow 5G, or 5G from space, all they think about is the economy.  But there are still a good many people building bunkers, and these people know or intuit that something is about to go badly wrong.

Meanwhile, the FCC is busy granting licenses to companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and the EU company Galileo to beam 5G frequencies from satellites in space.  This isn’t science fiction; this is real.  Have a look at these two stories: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/11/spacex-gets-fcc-approval-for-7500-more-broadband-satellites/   and https://www.telecompaper.com/news/fcc-allows-galileo-use-in-us–1269512

In just a few years’ time, space and the upper atmosphere are going to become really crowded with all those satellites, and the earth below is going to be literally inundated with 5G wavelengths.  Do you think anything is going to survive that? I don’t.  I think that the insects will die, and the birds will die, and the plants will die, and we will die.  And I find the prospect of that really frightening, I mean truly terrifying.

This is why I have spent a lot of time these past few weeks urging everyone I know to sign the 5G Space Appeal.  A lot of people I asked have signed it, because people realize that if the insects die, we won’t have long to live either.  So if you haven’t signed it, I’m asking you to sign it now by going to https://www.5Gspaceappeal.org

I think that the reason a lot of people I talked to signed the appeal was that I handed out copies of the first page of the appeal to everyone I met.  I didn’t just tell them about the appeal, or scribble down the web address on a scrap of paper, leaving them to seek it out on the Internet for themselves.  A piece of paper is a physical object, and it’s big enough not to get easily lost.  Also, it can be shown to other people, who might read what it says and get interested enough to sign the appeal themselves.  So I think that handing out those pieces of paper made a difference.  In a world where so much is online, a world in which images disappear at the touch of a button or the swipe of a screen, physical objects are important.

Are you opposed to wireless technologies?  Do you want 5G in your town, your neighborhood?  Do you want 5G beamed down at you from space?  If your answer is “No”, then do something to show it.  Do something in the real world, like putting a bumper sticker on your car.  People read bumper stickers, especially when they’re stuck in traffic. The message you send by doing this not only tells people where you stand, but also may encourage others to find out more, or join your protest.

I know a blog is online.  Today’s post may reach some people; I certainly hope so.  But I know that a bumper sticker or a T-shirt will reach a lot more people. That’s why I design them, and why I hope people will use them.  Wireless technologies are dangerous, and 5G–especially 5G from space–is too dangerous to contemplate.  We can’t take that kind of risk with our own health, or the planet’s health.  And we need to say so, loud and clear.


Screenshot_2018-11-17 5G from space, Nowhere to run bumper sticker

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