I am not a lab rat. Don’t test 5G on me.

2019 will be the year that telecoms companies start testing 5G networks all over the world.  Governments everywhere are very keen to put 5G in place–far too keen, if you ask me.  I wonder why.  They say it’s because 5G will deliver enormous benefits to the economy, and they say that whichever country manages to win the “race to 5G” will have technological superiority for the next decade.  I doubt both those propositions.  As far as I can see, economies are dying all over the world, and I really don’t see how 5G is going to revive them.

The point is, this rush to implement a completely untested technology is just mad.  It’s insane.  We don’t know anything about 5G millimeter-wave technology except that the US Army uses it as a crowd-control weapon.  Fire a blast of millimeter waves at a crowd for a few seconds, everyone feels as if their skin is on fire, and they run away.  Great.  If a few-second burst can do that, why would I want 5G blasted at me 24/7?  Even the US army doesn’t know what the long-term effects of continuous exposure is, because they only studied the effects of short, sharp bursts and concluded those didn’t have unacceptable long-term effects.  A few people got blisters, but they healed. But continuous exposure?  Nobody knows what that will do to you, or me, or birds, or anything. There has been one computer-modelling study showing that 5G is very likely to target insects, and will very likely wipe them out.  That’s because the size of the millimeter wave fits perfectly into an insect’s body, where it will do the most damage.  As for humans, we know that the main receptors of millimeter waves will be the skin (which is the largest organ in the body, by the way) and the corneas of the eyes.  But that’s about all we know, and it isn’t much. Long-term, we have no idea whatsoever what the effects will be.

So, they want to put in 5G everywhere, and they haven’t tested it for anything except whether it can achieve fast broadband speeds.  So rolling out 5G on a large scale will be the biggest experiment on living creatures that has ever been done. And they’re going to test it on everyone and everything that happens to live anywhere near where they put the 5G infrastructure–the cell towers, the small cells that are going to go up on lamp-posts and utility poles every few houses, and eventually the satellites that will irradiate the whole planet.  And then they are going to sit back and watch what happens. How do you like that idea.  It’s a giant experiment, and we are the lab rats.  Not just us, nature too.

When I was at university, I used to make a bit of money participating in psych experiments.  That was okay; they paid me to be a lab rat, and it was fun working out how to make the most money out of each situation.  This isn’t fun.  They’ve actually been experimenting on us for the last three decades, starting with 2G.  Along with a great many other people, I got injured in the experiment, though I didn’t realize it at the time.  You see, we rented a house near a cell tower.  We didn’t actually realize the cell tower was there when we rented the house, because it was screened by trees.  But even if we had realized it, we would probably have thought nothing of it, because it wouldn’t have occurred to us at the time that any government would allow something that affected people’s health to be plonked right into a residential area. Anyway, we didn’t know,  but my husband and I both got sick–he developed severe asthma and  my thyroid ceased functioning.  Even the dog got sick. In fact, a lot of people in the neighborhood got sick too–cancers, asthma, other illnesses.  But as I say, at the time we had no idea what was causing our problems.

The wireless experiment–and it has been an experiment from the word go–has had all kinds of unintended consequences that governments and regulatory agencies have continued to ignore.  But at least there have been studies of 2G, 3G and 4G technologies–and of the 26,000 or so independent (that is, non-industry-sponsored) studies, the majority have shown that electromagnetic radiation from cell towers and the devices that use them is harmful–to us, and to other living creatures. But 5G?  No one has tested that for health effects.  No one.  This is starting to come to the attention of people like US Senators Colbeck and Blumenthal, both of whom are sounding the alarm about 5G.  You can read what Senator Colbeck has to say about it here:  https://www.detroitnews.com/story/opinion/2018/12/05/opinion-wireless-technology-poses-risks/2195325002/

Senator Blumenthal is demanding that the FCC prove that 5G technology is safe before deploying it nationally  This is what he says: “The stark, simple fact is, the health hazards are unknown and unstudied. And that is a sign of neglect and disregard on the part of the Federal Communications Commission that is unacceptable. We need to know whether 4G and 5G technology can cause neurological problems, DNA damage,cancer and other diseases.”

Senator Blumenthal gave a press conference a couple of days ago on this issue, and some very good comments were made by a medical and science journalist named Blake Levitt.  Here are some of the things she said: 

” 5G is unlike anything we have seen before regarding telecommunications…

“But is 5G safe? Not according to many who are in a position to know. 5G uses high frequency millimeter wave bands never licensed by FCC before for civilian use. That spectrum has mostly been reserved for military applications in their non-lethal weapons program for crowd control, called the Active Denial System. MMW (millimeter waves) have very short wavelengths that don’t travel far. Such a network requires a very dense infrastructure with literally hundreds of thousands of new small cell antennas mounted on buildings and utility poles — along every street, potentially every 3-to-5 houses apart.

“But infrastructure densification is not the only difference. The signaling characteristics of 5G are incredibly complex, using what’s called phased array and beam forming technology. Such characteristics are known to have hazardous impacts to humans as well as other species. MMW’s couple maximally with skin tissue. Thin-skinned amphibians are especially in harm’s way.

“Also, due to of their small size, insect species, in particular, are in peril from millimeter waves. Effects are caused not by power density and tissue absorption as reflected in the FCC standards, but rather by the signaling characteristics alone. That’s huge. 5G has the theoretical ability, even at very low power intensities, to punch irreparable holes in the food web, and what affects insects affects everything. There is no environmental oversight for such effects to non-human species. FCC exposure guidelines do not include wildlife.

“The FCC guidelines are strictly for short term, acute exposures to humans, not the long-term, chronic, low level exposures that are common today. ”

Ms. Levitt’s remarks ought to scare everyone–irreparable holes in the food web?  That is, of course, exactly what will happen if insects die out, even if only some species die out.  However, she is wrong about one thing: they have just discovered that millimeter waves do, in fact, have the ability to travel a lot farther than was previously thought: an experiment in rural Virginia has just shown that these 5G waves can travel over ten kilometers–seven miles–even when hills and trees are in the way.  So if you think that 5G is safe because the radiation doesn’t go very far, think again.  You can read more about it here:

If they don’t even know how far millimeter waves can travel, how much does anyone know about 5G?  And are you happy to be a lab rat while they experiment?  I know I’m not.  I’m terrified.  And I want everyone to know how I feel about this: I am not a lab rat, and I don’t want anyone to test 5G on me, on anyone  I love, on my dogs, on nature.  That’s why I designed the T-shirt featured above, and the sticker and the tote bag pictured below.  The slogan is on other products, too; check them out by visiting the Anti-Wireless Shop–see the links on the home page of this blog.

I  really hope you will join me in telling the world that you are not a lab rat and that the 5G experiment is not okay with you. It’s not okay.  It’s a crime against humanity and nature.

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