Why Fry in Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is so ubiquitous these days it’s getting very hard to avoid. It’s in cafes, schools, banks, hospitals, parks, schools, public transport and, of course, homes. You don’t have to have Wi-Fi in your own home to be irradiated–we didn’t; you’re still getting everyone else’s. Once I turned on my laptop at home and enabled the Wi-Fi just to see what would happen. I was horrified to see how many signals I was getting, some from shops and offices two blocks away.

We never really felt well in that house, and for a long time we didn’t realize why. Our two dogs showed overt symptoms of distress from the day we moved in. Their coats lost their gloss and they began to shed massively all the time. The house was full of giant hair-balls. We took them to the vet, who diagnosed allergies, and we experimented with different foods. Nothing helped. For us, the effects were insidious. We became gradually more and more tired and depressed without realizing what was happening to us. We both put on weight. It was a long, slow downhill slide whose cause we couldn’t identify.

Three years ago, I started researching the possibility that wireless radiation was causing local bird populations to decline. Since this is an island, I was able to eliminate causes like habitat loss, pesticides, pollution and climate change. They didn’t apply to the sudden and raid disappearance of so many birds at once. But the declines did correlate with the upgrading of local cell towers to 4G and the rapid spread of Wi-Fi in virtually all public places. Was there a connection? The more I learned about electromagnetic radiation, the more convinced I was that it was decimating bird and insect populations, and harming as well. The more I learned, the more alarmed I became. And the longer we lived in that house, the worse we all felt.

I am not talking about overt or extreme symptoms of electrosensitivity; I wouldn’t describe either of us as electrosensitive. Or rather, I would say that whether people realize it or not, everyone is electrosensitive. Just about everyone I know complains of feeling tired all the time, of feeling depressed and unwell, of gaining weight. Everyone’s dog is shedding year-round. And the thing about dogs is, it can’t be psychosomatic.

You only realize how much Wi-Fi is affecting you when you get out of it. That’s what we’ve done. We’ve moved. Out of town. Off the grid. We still get cell tower signals–they’re unavoidable nowadays–but the signals are much weaker. We’re as far from them as we can get. And there’s no Wi-Fi. My laptop can’t pick up a single Wi-Fi signal. It’s bliss.

It’s bliss to sleep well and wake up feeling rested. We both feel as if we’ve been deprived of proper sleep for eons. Our spirits have lifted. We’ve dropped those obstinate few pounds we couldn’t shift no matter how much we dieted. The dogs’ coats are glossy and soft, and they’re no longer shedding. It only took a day to see the difference in the dogs. Yet days when we go into town, their coats become rough again, and they become bad-tempered.

I know that not everyone has the option, as we did, of moving out of towns and cities. But if you have Wi-Fi at home, turn it off. Use a landline, and use a cable to connect your computer. Encourage other people to do the same; as more people recognize the connection between ill-health and electromagnetic radiation, and turn off their own Wi-Fi, the more social pressure there will be for everyone to get rid of it.

Because the fact is, Wi-Fi is exceptionally dangerous. It’s the same frequency that’s used for radar and microwave ovens. If you live in Wi-Fi, it’s affecting every cell in your body; it’s slowly cooking you. Convenience of access to the Internet is not sufficient justification for making yourself sick. I’s not worth giving up physical or mental health to go online wirelessly when you can just as easily plug in a cable. Do it for yourself, for your family, for your pets. Why fry in Wi-Fi?

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