I am not a lab rat. Don’t test 5G on me.

Way back in my university days, I used to volunteer for psych experiments. It was fun and I made a good deal of money. Unlike a lab rat, I was a willing subject. I knew I was being experimented on, I consented, and I was paid for participating. At the end of each experiment I was debriefed; I found out what I was being tested for, and why, The experiments weren’t physically harmful.

Fast forward to the end of the 1980’s, when the first mobile phones started coming out and the first cell towers started going up. It wasn’t till a few years later that mobile technology really took off, but the principle was established. For each person who chose to purchase one of these new devices, all the people living near the cell towers was going to be irradiated with non-ionizing radiation. If anyone objected, they were ignored.

Let’s be quite clear on one point: it was known long before the mobile phone was ever invented that non-ionizing radiation was dangerous to health. There are declassified Soviet and US documents from the fifties and sixties detailing health effects from a large number of early experiments with a variety of non-ionizing frequencies. Effects are documented in detail–long lists of health effects. So, decades before the first mobile phone ever came out, government bodies knew that non-ionizing radiation made people sick. And they allowed this technology to be released anyway.

When mobile phones first came out, and through 4G/4G LTE, the benefits of wireless technology have been touted as wonderful, and the effects on human health and nature have been ignored, certainly by the mainstream media, who have treated the appearance of every new wireless device ass if it were the greatest invention since the wheel. This relentless press coverage of the alleged benefits of wireless has sidelined the work of independent scientists warning of cancer, DNA damage, hormonal and cardiovascular effects, and much more, including the decline of earth’s biodiversity.

For long time I assumed–as I suppose the vast majority of people assumed, if they thought about it at all–that wireless technology and infrastructure had been tested for safety. I had no reason to suspect otherwise. I never saw anything like a poster, an article, a bumper sticker, anything at all, to suggest that this technology could be harmful.

Which is why, when my husband and I rented a house near a cell tower, we didn’t realize it was making us sick. He developed severe asthma. My thyroid ceased functioning. Our dog got intractable skin problems. We didn’t think to look for a common cause. The cell tower was hidden from view behind trees. Now, looking back, I realize that quite a few people in that neighborhood were sick. Cancers, thyroid conditions, diabetes. asthma. If only we had known. But we didn’t.

Over a decade later, many more people are starting to connect wireless technologies with effects on health and nature. Not everyone–there are still a great many people who think wireless is just wonderful, and an even greater number who have heard it isn’t safe but won’t give it up. Governments and the mainstream media are still ignoring the independent scientists (industry scientists, let’s face it, don’t count). And in this climate, they’re starting to introduce 5G.

Don’t be fooled, though. When they say they’re “testing” 5G, they are only testing broadband speed and performance. They are not looking for health effects, and there has been no laboratory testing for long-term effects of millimeter wavelengths used in 5G. The long-term health effects of 5G technology are completely unknown. And that means they’re testing them on you, if you live anywhere where 5G is being installed.

In this experiment, with human subjects as lab rats, no one is being asked to consent. No one is being paid for participating. There will be no debriefing. The risk of physical harm is real.

Are you okay with that? I’m not. Having been harmed already, I am especially unkeen to be part of an experiment in new frequencies for a technology I don’t want or need. The first four generations of wireless technology have caused immense harm to man and the planet. This time, I hope people will stand up and say, “I do not consent.”

That;s why I designed the line of products with the slogan, “I am not a lab rat. Don’t test 5G on me.” I hope people will wear and use them, to send the message loud and clear. Check out the “Protest against 5G” collection in the Anti-Wireless Shop on Zazzle. Links from the Home Page of this site.

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