Electrosmog: Nature’s Invisible Enemy

The nature NGOs say that we are living through the sixth great extinction. What they don’t say is that the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from wireless technologies is causing it. Governments and big big business want wireless technologies, so it would be highly inconvenient for them if the nature NGOs started protesting that EMR is killing wildlife. Luckily for governments and big business, Big Wireless has learned from Big Oil’s mistakes and have successfully promoted wireless technology as green–which it most certainly isn’t. (Where do you think all the electricity that powers wireless technologies comes from? Fossil fuels, coal and nuclear energy, for the most part. ) In addition, Big Wireless donates generously to the nature NGOs, who in return never mention that EMR is wiping out insects, birds, amphibians, small mammals, fish and plants.

I have personally written over a thousand letters to various nature NGOs about how EMR is affecting nature. It concerns me deeply, because I can see that species are declining all around me, and these declines are becoming more obvious with every new generation of mobile technology. A year ago I attended an Eklipse Forum web conference (an EU-funded project) on the topic, proposed by the nature charity Buglife, of whether EMR harms wildlife. It was a disappointing conference. Yes, the committee did conclude that EMR is affecting nature, and many newspapers including the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and Newsweek reported this. But the Eklipse committee refused to recommend that cell towers be kept out of nature areas, and would not back calls for a moratorium on 5G. Their excuse? “We don’ know enough about the effects of EMR on nature. There aren’t enough studies. We need more studies.”

The committee used, as a basis of its assessment, 97 studies done specifically on various aspects of EMR and nature. What they ignored were the 25,000 studies which weren’t done specifically on nature but which apply as much to nature as to human beings. Rats, mice, chickens and various birds’ eggs have been used in experiments which show that EMR causes cancer and DNA damage, disrupts endocrine function, causes oxidative stress, and affects the heart and brain. The reason animals are used as surrogates for human beings in experiments is that we are a lot alike. We share about 96% of our genes with a mouse, and a chicken has most of the same organs we do. So if an experiment finds that EMR damages a quail’s DNA or a mouse’s brain or a chicken’s thyroid, it also applies to us humans. The same findings apply to animals in the wild. What matters is exposure to EMR.

It is important to remember that these same animals are used to test for the safety f new drugs. If, in the course of testing a new drug, any of the animals develops cancer, DNA damage, loss of thyroid function or any of the other problems EMR has been proven to cause, that experimental drug would be withdrawn at once. The FDA and other regulatory agencies would never approve a drug that caused the health effects that EMR has been proven to cause in so many experiments. But wireless technology isn’t a drug, so there are no laws protecting us or nature from EMR. This despite the fact that we have all been exposed to EMR 24/7, 365 days a year, continuously since the 90’s.

All this invisible, odorless electronic smog is a pollutant. It’s deadly for us, and it’s deadly for nature. And if the nature NGOs started looking at the thousands of studies using animals as surrogates for human beings, they would not be saying “More work needs to be done.” They would conclude, as they should have concluded years ago, that electrosmog is indeed nature’s invisible enemy, and they would start speaking out against it.

We can still prevent the sixth great extinction. But we have to speak up now, and act now. And we must stop using wireless technologies.

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