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Sometime soon, perhaps as early as this spring, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is going to meet to decide whether to raise the classification of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from a 2B (potential human carcinogen) to a 2A (probable human carcinogen) or a 1 (human carcinogen). A lot of people around the world are hoping for at least at 2A. I’m one of them.

The IARC committee is supposed to be independent of financial and political pressure. But this is the real world, and such pressure exists. Trillions have been spent, or will be spent, installing 5G around the globe. Governments everywhere are openly committed to wireless technology and 5G. Even the World Health Organization openly supports 5G. Who knows what pressure can and will be put on that committee to keep EMR a 2B? So there is a good chance the classification won’t be raised, though it ought to be. And if that happens, they’re going to go on rolling out 5G and insisting it’s “safe”.

How a potential carcinogen can be considered “safe” beats me. Even this classification is not assigned lightly, and 2B substances are all pretty nasty. Many 2Bs end up getting reclassified as 2As–Monsanto’s Roundup is a recent case in point. But even 2Bs are bad enough. Would you fill the air of your home with exhaust fumes and feel safe? Exhaust fumes are a 2B.

Don’t forget that the IARC committee only looks at the potential for a substance to cause cancer. They aren’t concerned about other harmful effects. If a substance doesn’t cause cancer, it can destroy your hormone balance, make you sterile, give you early-onset dementia, or damage your DNA, but it won’t qualify for an IARC rating. The IARC only looks for cancer.

Don’t forget, either, that the studies the IARC committee will be looking at mostly focus on 3G frequencies. Studies tend to lag behind with wireless technology, so there haven’t been any long-term studies of 4G, which has been around less than a decade. And there are only a handful of studies about 5G, and most of those have been computer modelling studies, so you could say that 5G hasn’t properly been studied at all–something the wireless industry itself admits. Does that make you feel safe? Still, the recent, long-term major studies of 3G frequencies (by the National Toxicology Program and by the Ramazzini Institute) have shown that EMR can definitely cause cancer in rats. If 3G can do that, 4G and 5G presumably can, too.

So what do we do if the IARC doesn’t raise the classification of EMR from its current 2B? Shrug our shoulders, accept that wireless technology is safe (well, safe enough) and embrace 5G? No way I’m going to do that. EMR isn’t safe. It has a whole host of harmful effects on man and nature, excluding cancer, and I am not about to be silenced because EMR is still classified as “just” a 2B. 2B is not good, guys. And in any case, something that is capable of causing DNA damage in all species, of causing sterility in all species, is not a healthy substance. DNA damage is lot more serious than cancer. Species with damaged DNA do not breed, and eventually they go extinct.

If the IARC doesn’t raise the classification of EMR, the scientists will do more studies and keep trying to convince the IARC that EMR is carcinogenic. That’s what scientists do. But what can the rest of us do if we are not convinced that this technology is safe? We can resist. We can protest. We can voice our opposition publicly–not just online, but out on the streets. We can refuse to buy 5G products, the so-called “smart” products. We can speak out. We can put signs in our yards and on our cars and on our clothes, anywhere that is visible so that other people know we protest this technology. We keep resisting, and keep protesting, till our voices–not just the voices of Big Business and Big Government–are heard. Because if we don’t speak out, we definitely won’t be heard.

If you are looking for anti-wireless protest materials like the ones pictured above, visit the Anti-Wireless Shop on Links from the Home Page of this blog.

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