5G small cells? Not in my neighborhood!

The local phone company tells me that the Greek islands are in no danger of getting 5G any time soon. That’s good, since they’ve already covered the whole island in cell towers, so we don’t need any more. I don’t want 5G, and the prospect of so-called “small cells” on every second to tenth lamp-post is most unpleasant. And I’m wondering what people are going to do when these things start getting installed in their neighborhoods.

Think about it. A small cell is essentially a miniature cell tower. And even people who say they are all for wireless technology don’t want to live near cell towers–at least most of them don’t. Over the past twenty years or so, enough people have heard about cancer clusters and other health problems that they don’t want them close to where they live. There’s a story that has been much in the news the past few days of a fourth child developing cancer at an elementary school in San Joaquin County, California. The reason? There’s a cell tower right next to the school.

Where I live, a local property developer petitioned to have a cell tower moved after it was installed in a hill less than 100 meters from the posh new development housing he’s trying to sell. With that cell tower in plain view, nobody was buying. Residents of a mountain village on the south side of the island tore down a tower that had been erected close to the village. They didn’t bother with petitions; they just got together and took it down. A friend with cancer, which she developed after a cell tower was put up less than 300 meters from her home, would dearly like to sell up and move–the problem is, who will buy her house? It’s a lovely house, right near a beach, but it’s not saleable, because nobody wants yo buy a house near a cell tower.

I’ve heard that property values are expected to drop by 20% when small cells start coming into neighborhoods. I think that’s an underestimate. I saw a news clip where a woman was being interviewed, and she said she and her husband planned to move if 5G came to their area. I suspect a great many people will want to move if that happens, but what do you do if you can’t sell your house? For most people, a home is the most valuable asset they possess. If they can’t sell it, they’re stuck.

5G is starting to be rolled out in cities all over the world, but I’ll bet they aren’t putting it in the rich residential areas. Trump says he’s all for 5G, but does he have 5G small cells outside his New York home? Are the CEOs and major shareholders of wireless companies rushing to be the first to have small cells installed where they live? I don’t know, but I doubt it.

People who live in cities where 5G is being put in are already starting to experience health problems like skin rashes. The US military uses millimeter-wave technology (that’s 5G) for its crowd control weapon known as “Active Denial” which causes an intense burning sensation and sometimes actual burns. Russian research from the 1970’s shows that millimeter-wave technologies can affect not only the skin, but also the internal organs of the body. We already know that previous generations of wireless technology are harmful to health, so there is no reason to think that 5G is going to be safe. The fact is, 5G already has a bad reputation, and the wireless industry recently admitted in a Senate hearing it’s never been tested for health effects. So there you are. 5G small cells are mini cell towers, and there are going to be an awful lot of them. So what can you do about this?

The answer is, protest. Get together with neighbors, write to local government representatives, demonstrate, start petitions, put signs in yards–whatever it takes to keep those small cells out of your neighborhoods and away from people’s homes before it’s too late. It will be a lot harder to get rid of the 5G small cells after they’ve been installed than it will be to prevent them from being installed in the first place. So protest–or move out of cities while you still can.

The Anti-Wireless Shop on Zazzle.com sells a variety of products protesting 5G and 5G small cells. Some are pictured below. For more, visit the shop and look at the “Protest against 5G” collection. Links from the home page of this blog.

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