Public Wi-Fi, Public Health Hazard

These days, if you want to go anywhere, you are going to be irradiated with electromagnetic radiation (EMR). In the countryside, it’s virtually impossible to get away from cell towers, while in towns and cities you have both cell tower radiation and Wi-Fi.

Effects of EMR are cumulative, so the more sources of radiation there are, the more you will be affected. And while both cell towers and Wi-Fi are bad, Wi-Fi is especially dangerous.

First of all, in any town or city you will be subjected to multiple sources of Wi-Fi. I’ve counted as many as 25 in our local town, which is quite small with a population of only around 6,000 people. In a big city, there may be several hundred Wi-Fi signals at any one time. That’s a lot of sources of EMR. It’s in all the shops, the cafes, the businesses, and in people’s homes. Worse is public Wi-Fi, which is to say the Wi-Fi that is in public buildings, in parks, on buses and ferries, and generally in open areas of a town. Public Wi-Fi tends to have a strong signal because it’s mostly out in the open air and is intended to blanket the areas where it’s installed. And the more Wi-Fi signals you are subjected to, the more EMR will affect your health.

Second, in any place that has Wi-Fi, you are likely to be closer to the emitting source of the radiation (the router or mast) than you would be to a cell tower. By and large, people are aware that it’s not a good idea to get close to a cell tower. They don’t exercise the same caution when it comes to Wi-Fi routers, and I have seen shops where the cashier is working with a Wi-Fi router less than six inches above his or her head, and cafes where the router is right next to some of the tables where customers are sitting. In our town, a public Wi-Fi mast is situated directly across the street from, and aimed at, a children’s play area. That’s really dangerous, since children’s developing bodies are up to ten times more susceptible to EMR than an adult’s.

What does Wi-Fi do to the body? According to Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at Washington State University, in his excellent article, “Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health,” Wi-Fi causes oxidative stress (which leads to cancer and other diseases), sperm and testicular damage (making males infertile), neuropsychiatric effects including EEG changes (these may lead to Alzheimer’s and early-onset dementia), cellular DNA damage (which also leads to cancer) and endocrine changes (which may damage the thyroid and cause hormone imbalances).

Do you want any of these health problems? I don’t. So these days I tend to view going into town with a certain trepidation, the way I would feel if I were entering an infectious disease ward in a hospital. It’s ironic, really. Smoking finally got banned in public places and now we have Wi-Fi instead. Only Wi-Fi is even worse for your health, and it’s a lot harder to get away from. At least you could get out of a smoke-filled room by going outdoors; nowadays you are just as likely to be irradiated by Wi-Fi outdoors as indoors.

Also, Wi-Fi is so ubiquitous. It’s in homes, cafes, restaurants, shops, banks, schools, hospitals, parks, ferries, planes–even beaches. You have to become a virtual hermit if you want to avoid exposure, and the fact is, most of us can’t, certainly not all the time. And what is going to happen when Wi-Fi is beamed at us from satellites 24/7, as is due to happen from the start of 2021? I tremble to think.

When will governments and local authorities wake up to the fact that public Wi-Fi is a public health hazard? How many people have to get sick before it’s banned? I don’t know. All I can say is, it’s very dangerous, so try to avoid spending time in it.

If you haven’t signed the 5G Space Appeal, I urge you to do so. That’s at –and get everyone you know to sign it too.

For products that protest Wi-Fi such as the ones pictured below, visit the Anti-Wireless Shop on and have a look at the “Protest against Wi-Fi” collection. Links from the Home Page of this blog.

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