Dead Planet Walking

A critically important new research paper, “Comparing DNA damage induced by mobile phone telephony and other types of man-made electromagnetic fields” shows why wireless communications are killing us and the planet. This work by the eminent biophysicist Dimitris Panagopoulos proves that it is the random, unpredictable nature of wireless radiation that is causing the damage leading to the decline and extinction of species.

Wireless technology uses pulses carried by an electromagnetic frequency to transmit information. These pulses are totally random and unpredictable, and they vary hugely in strength from moment to moment. These pulses are uniquely dangerous, Dr. Panagopoulos says, because no living creature can adapt to them. This failure to adapt explains why so many species from insects to birds and amphibians to mammals are in decline and at risk of dying out altogether.

Dr. Panagopoulos has spent years studying the different types of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on fruit flies. He discovered that EMR from mobile communications is so dangerous that the fruit flies develop genetic mutations and become sterile by the third generation. Any species that becomes sterile goes extinct.

Scientists study fruit flies because they have a very short life span, so you can see what happens over several generations in just a few days. However, Dr. Panagopoulos says, all life forms are genetically similar and have the same basic cell structures. What applies to fruit flies applies to all life on earth.

You may argue that in real life, fruit flies do not use mobile phones. However, the pulsed EMR that a mobile phone emits is everywhere; it comes from cell towers and Wi-Fi routers and wireless devices. Indeed, a cell phone is a miniature cell tower, and so is a Wi-Fi router. The pulsed EMR they emit fills out environments, more concentrated in towns and cities, but inescapable even in the countryside. As we have progressed from 2G to 3G to 4G, the number of cell towers and devices has increased exponentially, and there are now very few places that have no mobile reception. Pulsed EMR is inescapable.

To understand how dangerous a cell tower is, consider two earlier experiments. In 1997, two Greek scientists named I.N. Magras and T.D. Xenos placed mice in a cage near a group of cell towers and antennas above a small village in northern Greece. The first and second generations of mice were born with genetic abnormalities, and by the third generation the mice, like Dr. Panagopoulos’ fruit flies, were sterile.

Another experiment was performed in 2011 by Dr. Alfonso Balmori, who has written many papers demonstrating the harm that EMR does to nature. Dr. Balmori placed two identical tanks of tadpoles on a rooftop in the direct beam of a cell tower. One tank was shielded from the radiation by a Faraday cage; the other tank was not. What happened? All the tadpoles in the unprotected tank died, while those in the shielded tank lived to become frogs. These two experiments show that cell tower radiation is just the same–and just as dangerous–as cell phone radiation.

The pace of insect, bird, amphibian and animal declines has picked up pace in recent years, so much that alarm bells are now ringing loudly. The media refer to “insect Armageddon” and “the sixth great extinction”. What the media does not say, but should be saying, is that we are causing this by our addiction to wireless technology.

Panagopoulos” new paper makes it clear that pulsed EMR from wireless technology will inevitably lead to the extinction of all species, including us. And it does not matter, at the end of the day, whether we are talking about 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G (except that each generation needs more and more transmitters as there are more and more users of wireless devices). All pulsed EMR is dangerous to living things. All pulsed EMR will end up killing us and every species on this earth.

Nor does it matter whether the signal carrying this EMR is strong or weak. The recent ten year study by the National Toxicology Program in the U.S. that subjected thousands of rats to strong wireless radiation got much the same results as a similar study by the Ramazzini Institute in Italy, which subjected rats to much weaker signals–about the same strength as cell towers in the environment. In both experiments, the rats developed nervous system and heart tumors along with DNA damage.

EMR from wireless communications is not survivable because the pulsations cause so much harm to living creatures and are too random to be adapted to. If we do not heed Dr. Panagopoulos’ warning, and heed it now, we are a dead planet walking.

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