5G: Use Politicians, Not the Public, as Guinea Pigs

Politicians and local officials should be used as guinea pigs before they are allowed to roll out 5G, an expert on the health effects of microwave radiation says.

Dr. Beatrice Golomb, Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Diego, says the telecommunications industry PR machine has “concocted a dubious ‘race to 5G’ as a means to ram past ethical and health concerns” before people have time to realize how dangerous it is.

The reality, she says, is that no safety studies have been done on 5G, which unlike current wireless technology, which uses microwaves, will use millimeter waves. These are closer to the ionizing end of the electromagnetic spectrum and are potentially far more dangerous. The industry, Dr. Golomb says, is experimenting on its customers for profit.

Local officials, Dr. Golomb says, will not be able to plead that they were only following orders in installing 5G. The Nuremberg trials after World War II have already established that this is not a viable defense when one’s actions harm others.

The Nuremberg trials also established rules regarding experimentation on human subjects, which are forbidden unless animal trials are conducted first. With 5G, there have been no such experiments. This makes 5G rollout unsafe and unethical, especially when doctors worldwide are calling for a moratorium until such research is done.

Microwave radiation, says Dr. Golomb, causes oxidative stress, DNA damage, damage to cell membranes and (via these mechanisms) an impaired blood-brain barrier. These effects compromise the body’s immune system and lead to health problems and diseases. These include cancer, metabolic diseases, neurodegenerative conditions, sterility, fetal abnormalities and developmental problems in children.

The millimeter waves that will be used for 5G are dangerous. Dr. Golomb cites a 1977 study, declassified by the CIA in 2012 (included in her submission) which exposed rats to millimeter waves for just 15 minutes a day for 60 days. This affected their skin, nerves, brain, heart, bone marrow and internal organs, while DNA was damaged in organs throughout the body. 5G will expose everyone to millimeter waves 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Small cell radiation (5G), Dr. Golomb points out, will not replace the microwave radiation we are exposed to today. It will be added to the existing radiation, so that people will be exposed to multiple frequencies, creating “synergistic toxicity”.

With regard to 5G installation, Dr. Golumb says that it would be a great help “if anyone complicit in promoting or passing the legislation (and then after that, their families) were required to be the first subjected, for a substantial test period, to the greatest amount of exposure that anyone else (and then their families) may be subjected to, when new policies of this type are rolled out…such a policy might help them think twice.”

Dr. Golomb is deeply critical of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which prohibits concerns about environmental effects from blocking the installation of wireless infrastructure.

She says, “Interpreting environmental effects to encompass health effects and then preventing people and their elected representatives from speaking up to defend their health infringes on fundamental American principles such as freedom of speech, and the basic right to self-defense. In the U.S., we are not to punish people without due process, yet affected persons frequently describe their experience as like torture and do not understand how this can be inflicted on them with no recourse. In America, this seems like what might be expected of a malign totalitarian state. We expect that our elected officials will protect us.”

In a detailed 12-page appeal to San Diego County, Dr. Golomb accuses the telecommunications industry of using people as guinea pigs. She urges local officials to protect citizens and not prioritize industry over human interests.

Dr. Golomb requests a hold on 5G rollout until certain conditions are met. San Diego County should

1. Institute an Adverse Effects Reporting System like the federal government’s MedWatch so that people can report symptoms of 5G health effects.

2. Set up epidemiological studies to compare health events before and after 5G rollout, using independent scientists who have no connection with industry.

3. Provide areas unexposed to 5G for housing and transportation corridors for those people who develop health effects.

4. Require “adequate and ample insurance” be carried by “any entity who places a small cell (or any other cell) tower to cover any and all forms of harm that may occur”. Golomb points out that bills which protect government and industry from being sued are in fact tacit recognition that harm will occur—and this is indefensible.

5. “Aggressively incentivize wired over wireless technology” because it is safer for health, more energy efficient, and more secure.

Will San Diego County think twice before installing 5G? It should. As should every county, every state, and every country on this planet. Dr. Golomb’s appeal deserves to be read far beyond San Diego County.

Read Dr. Golomb’s whole submission at at https://bosagenda.sdcounty.ca.gov/agendadocs/doc?id=0901127e80ab6374


When they test 5G in your neighborhood, they’re using you as a guinea pig.

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