The Infrastructure of Electronic Totalitarianism

How connected are you to the natural world? Try a little experiment. Draw a honeybee, and then go find one (or a photo of one) and see how closely what you drew resembles the real thing. Does a honeybee have two wings or four? Is it slim-waisted or thick-waisted? Is it yellow or brown? Is the tip of its abdomen round or pointed? Can you see its stinger?

If you got it wrong, you won’t be alone. Most people can’t draw an accurate picture of a bee (drawing skills aside) both because there are a lot fewer bees in our environment today, and because most people are becoming disassociated from nature.

Disassociation from nature, according to English philosopher Jeremy Naydler, is symptomatic of today’s highly electronic, Internet-based world. We are losing our souls and our connection with nature because of our reliance on electricity and wireless communications.

With the Internet, we have for the first time in human history reached a point where computers act independently of human supervision. It is also a world wherein people spend increasing amounts of time online, indoors, away from nature. With 5G, we are setting ourselves up for a world in which Artificial Intelligence will dominate the planet–and us.

It will be a world in which the lines between what is real and what is virtual become blurred, perhaps so blurred that many people will be unable to determine what is real and what is computer-generated.

5G will make Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality accessible to everyone. This, Naydler says, “will further accentuate this tendency for people to lose themselves, and it will weaken even more their relationship to nature…” The computer-generated virtual world will take up people’s attention, command their emotions and loyalties, assault their imaginations, define their thinking patterns, corrode their inner lives and alienate them from nature.

Virtual Reality will be used to seduce people into believing the electronic world is a better place to be than the real world.
With 5G, Naydler says, they are aiming to create “a 5G ecosystem”. This “will enable intelligent machines, or machine-organism hybrids, to usurp natural organisms. The technological revolution…is aiming at the replacement of nature with a fully technological planet.”

One example Naydler gives of this is the creation of robotic bees to pollinate crops. We are killing off real bees, which are highly electrosensitive, with the electromagnetic radiation from wireless communications. But what will happen to wild plants when the bees and other pollinators are gone? Will anyone notice, if we spend our lives online instead of outdoors in the real world?

The Internet already operates with a large degree of computer autonomy, but 5G is needed to create a global Artificial Intelligence network that can operate independent of us. The Internet of Things, Naydler says, will only be the precursor to the Internet of Thinking.

This will be active everywhere in the environment, and we will be forced to interact with it to do the simplest thing. And this, of course, is the purpose of 20,000 satellites beaming 5G onto this planet from outer space, and the purpose of hundreds of millions of 5G small cells throughout our towns and cities.

To create the Internet of Thinking, the earth’s surface must be totally enveloped in electromagnetic radiation, no matter what the cost to nature or to us.

5G, Naydler says, is not about improved telecommunications. That’s how they’re selling it, but it’s not what 5G is really about. It’s about creating an electronic ecosystem, an Internet of Thinking, which is really “the infrastructure of electronic totalitarianism”.

If we don’t want to belong to the electronic ecosystem, a citizen of the electronic totalitarian world, what can we do about it? “Protest!” Naydler says. Break the spell of our reliance on the wireless world, on the Internet, on electricity, and re-establish our relationship with natural light, with nature, and our essential humanity.

We must not allow electronic totalitarianism to dominate our lives. Get offline, get out there—and protest. And go find a honeybee to look at, while you still can.

Read Jeremy Naydler’s superb essays for yourself:

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Click to access Robots-Bees-5G_Nighmare%20Unfolds%20by%20Jeremy%20Naydler%20New%20View%202017.pdf

Are robot bees the future of this planet? Image courtesy of Pixabay

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