How to Lose the War against 5G

Have you seen pictures of anti-5G demos where the participants are using smartphones?  What sort of message do these images send? One journalist in New Zealand, Farah Hancock, in her piece “The Flurry and Futility of 5G Protests” assumes that protesters against 5G want to keep 4G, saying, “At present, the only step protesters can take is boycott 5G by shifting to telcos not using this technology. As time rolls on, though, this pool is likely to shrink.”

It’s an extremely biased piece of reporting, but Hancock does get a couple of things right. “Placards,” she says, “aren’t likely to stop 5G.” And she is quite right in identifying many anti-5G protesters as people who do not think we need to ban wireless technology per se.

Ironically, many people who are going out to protest against 5G don’t have a clear idea of what they are protesting against. Is it millimeter-wave (MMW) technology? Much of 5G will be in the upper reaches of the microwave band. Do people think, then, that microwaves are safe but MMWs aren’t? Or is it the small cells? They aren’t new either, and millions of them are already being used across the globe for 4G.  Is protest against 5G just trendy, or do people really mean it?  And if they mean it, how can they win?

In Hancock’s piece, the demo takes place on a miserable day and the protesters are accepting cups of tea and sandwiches from Vodafone staff. It’s funny on one level. On another level, that’s consorting with the enemy. We’re not all in this together. 

There is only one way to stop 5G. That is by stopping all wireless technologies. If you think 5G is dangerous, what makes you think that 4G, 3G, or 2G are safe?

Most people don’t really know what they mean by 5G, says Peter Tocci in his excellent article, “What Do YOU Mean When You Say 5G?”  Since 5G will encompass high-frequency microwaves as well as MMWs, “saying 5G to indicate MMW only is inaccurate, misleading and dangerous.” He adds, “Focus on MMW is like fretting about a wildfire 10 miles away while your house is burning down.”

The fact is, the microwaves used for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi have always been dangerous, and we have already done immense harm to human beings and the ecosystem by using earlier generations of wireless technologies. “The radiation,” Tocci points out, “is everywhere, most bio-effects are power-independent, no amount of exposure is safe, and effects are cumulative.”

Tocci says, “A popular complaint, ’The industry admits that 5G has not been safety tested’ refers to MMW (the FCC openly admits this) – with the unstated, erroneous and dangerous implication that 2G-4G was.” That’s right: earlier versions of wireless technology were never tested for safety either, so if 5G is an experiment, so were the earlier versions of wireless technology. Those experiments are still ongoing, and we’re just starting to see the results now.

France, Great Britain and the US are seeing a steady rise in glioblastomas, an especially deadly form of brain tumor, and many other cancers are on the rise, especially in younger people. In fact, the health effects of microwave technology presently in use are well documented in thousands of studies, though bodies like the FCC continue to deny this. But what we must always remember is that cancers tend to be long-latency (they take a long time to develop) and that human beings are among the larger creatures on the planet, with long reproductive cycles.

The earth’s smaller creatures, like insects and birds, have been steadily declining over the past 25-30 years, with the result that we have already lost around 75% of the world’s insects, 30% of the world’s birds, 50% of the amphibians and other freshwater species, and millions of trees.  All this harm has been done by microwave technology, without 5G, and Dr. Martin Pall estimates that we may well kill the planet within five years even if we remain at 4G. Admittedly, 5G is likely to speed up the rate of extinctions. Insects are expected to be especially vulnerable to MMWs, so 5G could wipe them out entirely. When that happens, the ecosystem will collapse.

The FCC and other regulatory bodies insist that 5G will be “safe” because the radiation from the phones and infrastructure won’t have the power to heat body tissues, on the presumption that harm only occurs when tissues are heated.  They’re treating MMWs as if they are no different from microwaves.  Perhaps they are right to do so, because tissue heating isn’t the issue. Both microwaves and MMWs cause harm without heating tissue.

So let’s keep the issues—and our priorities—straight when we protest against 5G. 5G doesn’t just mean MMWs. Enormous harm has already been done by earlier generations of wireless technology. Safety testing was never done on any wireless technology, and tissue heating is irrelevant. Small cells aren’t specific to 5G, though there will be more of them with 5G.

More importantly, people are not the only part of the ecosystem that matters, and in fact we may be the last creatures to suffer ill effects from wireless technology. Ecosystem collapse will kill us all.

Finally, protests that focus on small cells yet ignore the 50,000 satellites that will soon be in orbit in the ionosphere beaming down 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi and 5G are missing the point.  It will be relatively easy to get rid of infrastructure on the ground.  How easy will it be to get rid of the satellites when they’re up and running?  These satellites are already being launched, some will go live in about three months, and each launch is causing tremendous pollution as well.

Do you really want to stop 5G?  Then don’t attend protests with your smartphone, because you can’t stop 5G and still keep 4G—or 3G or even 2G. Tocci says, “…quitting 3G/4G is what must be done for survival and that’s how to beat 5G…Allowing 4G to continue, with ANY level of exposure, potentiates the noted imminent effects—eco collapse and massive health crises.”

Do you really want to stop 5G?  Then don’t attend demos with smartphone in hand; it sends the wrong message and guarantees we will lose the war against 5G.  To stop 5G, we must stop all wireless technologies.  And to do that, we must all stop using them.

Read Peter Tocci’s informative article, “What Do YOU Mean When You Say 5G?” at

For a look at how the opposition sees 5G protests, read Farah Hancock’s article at

Please don’t take smartphones to anti-5G demos! It sends the wrong message.
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