Happy New Year 2020 from the Anti-Wireless Shop

I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, wireless-free New Year in 2020.

On New Year’s Eve, let’s all usher in 2020 with great hopes that this will be the year when 5G (and all wireless technology) is recognized as one of the  greatest threats to humanity and the environment of all times.

Let’s hope that town after town, city after city, state after state, and country after country will say a resounding “NO” to 5G. No, we don’t want this technology. No, we won’t have it, because we care about people’s health and we care about the environment.

Let’s hope that the 50,000 5G satellites, both those being planned and those that are already going up, will never begin to broadcast, that they will never go live, that the companies who make them will be forced to abandon their plans to shoot them into orbit over our world or be forced bring their satellites back down again.

Let’s hope that people all over the world stop being addicted to their smartphones, that they stop depending on their smartphones to “stay connected” and start genuinely connecting with others by talking to them, being with them, paying attention to each other’s presence, wants, needs and points of view.

Let’s hope that children are given a chance to grow up healthy and fertile, that they are given books and not tablets to learn from, that they live in homes and go to schools where there is no Wi-Fi and where there are no cell towers nearby.

Let’s hope that the Wi-Fi is turned off in public spaces, in parks, in libraries, in hospitals and public buildings, in cafes and restaurants, in public squares and on public transportation. Let’s hope that people turn off the Wi-Fi in their offices and especially their homes.

Let’s hope that the cell towers come down all over the world: off the tops of buildings, out of church steeples, off the tops of hills and mountains, and out of the world’s nature reserves.

Let’s hope that as the wireless infrastructure is turned off everywhere, and as 5G is rejected everywhere, nature will regenerate. Let’s hope that the bees will stop suffering from CCD and increase in numbers, that the pollinators and other insects will thrive, the fireflies dance in the dusk, the birds sing in the trees, and the trees will grow healthy and green.

Let’s hope that people will regain their health and happiness as they lose their dependence on wireless technologies and devices and connect instead with nature and with each other.  

Let’s hope we can achieve all this in 2020. I believe we can.

Image courtesy of Dr. Theodore Metsis of Athens, Greece, who singlehandedly stopped the city of Kalamata from becoming Greece’s first “smart city”.  Well done, Dr. Metsis!

Remember that January 25 will be a global day of protest against 5G.  Find an event to participate in, or organize one of your own.

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