State of Fear

The worst thing about COVID-19 may not be the virus. The worst thing may be the state of fear it has engendered. Fear leads to acquiescence. People fear to speak out. And when bad things happen in consequence, it’s often too late to stop them.

Governments all over the world have reacted to the coronavirus pandemic by fostering fear.  This is unusual, because governments tend to play down crises to avert panic.  Not in this case. And the mainstream media is whipping up that panic for all it’s worth, with endless images of people in hazmat suits, people wearing masks and gloves, footage of ambulances and rows of coffins.

This is a bit like 9/11, only it’s worldwide. Governments are granting themselves extraordinary powers, and suddenly there are lockdowns, quarantines, even surveillance. Some governments are tracking people’s movements by tracking their smartphones (a really good reason not to own one). Some places have curfews and martial law. Public gatherings are banned. Church services are banned.

In an article in Zero Hedge, “Government Pandemic Response Handing Governments Sweeping Powers They May Never Relinquish,” Bloomberg’s Ian Marlow notes that since the outbreak, “governments are deploying an array of technical measures to track and control citizens…many fear that current efforts to control the virus will have dire consequences for individual freedoms long after the damage has passed.”

And Adam Schwartz, senior staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says, “A primary concern is that if the public gives governments new surveillance powers to contain COVID-19, then governments will keep these powers after the public health crisis ends.”  This, he notes, is what happened after 9/11.

If you are not allowed to gather publicly, it is very hard to protest things you don’t want the government to do. It’s ironic that the WHO declared coronavirus to be a pandemic a mere five days after coordinated worldwide protests against 5G on January 25. Very convenient for governments which are determined to see 5G installed, wouldn’t you say?

Another article in Zero Hedge, “13 Reasons To Fear The Coming COVID World Order” lists, as number 8, “5G IS INEVITABLE…despite what some people suspect are its serious health concerns.”

And it does rather seem as if 5G is going to come on the back of COVID-19, for several reasons.  One is that governments want it anyway. Another is that, with all the lockdowns, there are so many people all working from home, students studying from home, and people entertaining themselves from home, that there is an unprecedented amount of Internet traffic, most of it using wireless networks. As a result, wireless telecoms are saying they can’t cope with demand, while wireless users are frustrated with the slow speed of the Internet.

This is the message of CNBC’s article, “Why the coronavirus pandemic may fast-forward 5G adoption in the U.S,” which states, “coronavirus might be just the catalyst for 5G that the world needs as it forces whole nations to enforce quarantines and social distancing and remote work and schooling.” How fast 5G will come in is questionable, since many of the components needed are manufactured outside of the U.S. However, the idea that 5G is needed has been firmly planted, as is the idea that wireless technologies can solve all communications problems.

I find all this deeply disturbing, not only because I am opposed to wireless technologies in the first place.  After all, I grew up in the dictatorship of 1967-74 in Greece, and have vivid memories of what it is like to live in a police state.  I have no wish to live in another, no matter how it is dressed up, and the surveillance and control which 5G promises governments must not be dismissed lightly.  Governments like power.  Power corrupts. Our rights as individuals were not lightly won and must not be lightly surrendered. And the COVID-19 pandemic seems to me to be manufacturing panic on a scale that is not warranted by the severity of the virus. Not even close. This is not Ebola, from which few if any recover. Ordinary annual flus have a much higher death rate. It is not, in my view, worth handing over hard-won liberties to the government to be “protected” from it—if that is even possible.  It’s certainly not worth being forced to accept 5G, which may not only kill me but the very planet I live on, as the price of that “protection”.

So I ask you not to stop protesting 5G—and all wireless technologies—just because of COVID-19. If you’re stuck at home, this is a good time to write a letter to your local, state and federal representatives to tell them that you don’t want this technology installed where you live.  Put a sign in your yard, or hang one off the balcony.  You don’t have to be at a demonstration to display a placard.  There are still things you can do.

And please remember that the Internet is not the real world.  Enforced quarantines are driving huge increases in Internet traffic, and that is bad because it is becoming the only portal through which people communicate, and it’s the one over which the thought police have the most control. Everything you say on the Internet can be monitored—and stopped.

I close this with a cartoon from the Greek newspaper “Kathimerini” which seems to me extremely apt in today’s crazy, panicking world. The images of the men in the hazmat suits are doing a phenomenal job of brainwashing the public into fear and compliance. What kind of world are you willing to accept post COVID-19? Is the 5G world the future you want?

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