Pets and Wi-Fi: A Bad Combination

There’s a good reason why pharmaceutical companies test drugs on animals before moving on to human trials. We’re a lot more alike than we are different, and we share over 95% of our genes with mice, cats, dogs and other creatures.  What affects them is likely to affect us, and vice-versa.  So when your pet starts getting sick, you might want to ask yourself if what’s affecting Fluffy could also be harming you.

A great many of the studies on the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from wireless technologies have been done on animals, including the recent NTP study.  To conclude, as the New York Times, did, that findings of cancer and DNA damage don’t apply to humans because the study used rats is to misunderstand the basis of all pharmaceutical research. Animal studies matter. Animals matter.

When pets get sick, people should worry.  In the article, “Can EMFs Affect Your Pets?” Dr. Patricia Johnson points out that wireless radiation from any source causes DNA strand breaks and oxidative stress, disrupts cell metabolism and brain glucose metabolism, reduces melatonin, permeates the blood-brain barrier and generates stress proteins.  Pets develop behavioral problems such as aggression, increased anxiety and agitation, as well as a variety of health problems including cancers (she gives examples of two dogs who developed cancers after sleeping next to smart meters).  She says, “…both humans and animals are sharing the same chronic diseases, mental and behavioral issues.”

As a dog-owner, I’ve seen for myself how badly animals can be affected by EMFs. We have two dogs, and they were both perfectly healthy until we moved to a flat in our local town.  Within a few weeks, the problems started. Both animals started to shed, and one developed a nasty condition where her coat gave off a sticky white discharge. Allergies, the vet said, and suggested we change her food.  It didn’t help.  Nothing helped.

The other dog, meanwhile, began to have terrible nightmares—night terrors from which she couldn’t awake.  We would have to get up, wake her and comfort her.  These got worse as time went on.  We couldn’t understand what was causing them. However, we did notice that every time we took a trip in our camping van, both dogs improved drastically. A month in the wilds and their coats would shine, nightmares would vanish, and both dogs seemed immeasurably healthier. We felt better too. So what was wrong with our flat in town?

It was only after I learned about the effects of EMR and read many of the independent scientific studies on that subject* that I understood what was affecting the dogs—and us. Cell tower radiation, Wi-Fi, radiation from cordless phones and cell phones all cause oxidative stress and damage the immune system.  A town—any town—has all of these, and the radiation from wireless technology and infrastructure permeates the environment. 

We didn’t use wireless technology ourselves, but there is public Wi-Fi all over town, and in our home we could get as many as 30 Wi-Fi signals from other people’s homes and businesses, many of them full-strength. The frequency Wi-Fi uses, 2.45 GHz, is especially biologically active, and this makes it especially dangerous to health.   It makes people and animals sick.  And while people may not notice the effects on themselves, they do notice when their pets aren’t well.

We weren’t the only people having problems with our pets.  We met a lot of other people who also complained that their pets weren’t well. Excessive shedding was a major problem. Another was aggression. Dogs that didn’t use to be aggressive were staring to growl at other dogs and attack them.  Instead of letting dogs meet and greet each other, pet owners were starting to avoid each other, pulling on leads to keep dogs out of each other’s way. “I don’t know what’s got into my dog lately,” one woman told me. “She used to be so friendly, but now I don’t trust her with other dogs.”

Aggression is a symptom of electrosensitivity, and it affects a lot of dogs. When dogs turn vicious, it’s extremely serious.  There have been two cases in Spain where pet dogs have killed their owners, in one case a married couple, and in another case a woman and her mother.  There was also a horrific case in Greece where a house dog killed the family’s newborn baby.  Was it their own Wi-Fi that led to these tragedies? It’s possible. Animals have no way to tell their owners they’re feeling bad, that they can’t cope, and no way of identifying what bothers them.  

Sometimes it is possible to persuade people to turn off the Wi-Fi for their pets’ sake if not their own. It’s not easy here in Greece, where awareness of the dangers of wireless is not widespread and Wi-Fi is advertised on TV as a must-have for every home, but when people are really worried about their pets they’ll try anything. If they see that their dog stops shedding, becomes less aggressive around other dogs, or begins to recover from other conditions, they can see for themselves that there is indeed a link between EMR and health, and see the implications for their own health. Even if there is still Wi-Fi from other sources, turning off the router in one’s own home is a good start.

Pet health and owner health aren’t separate issues.  What affects our pets affects us, and vice versa.  Animals tend to be smaller than humans and are more likely to develop symptoms of electrosensitivity or ill health before we do.  It’s a warning we should heed.  We did, and a year ago we moved out into the countryside where there are no Wi-Fi signals.  In days both dogs had stopped shedding, their coats became glossy again, and the little one stopped having those terrible nightmares.  We feel better, too.

So I hope, in this time when everyone is locked down at home, that you’ve turned the Wi-Fi off. All EMFs affect our health, and this is not a time—if there is ever a time—when we want to get sick.

*One of the best papers on Wi-Fi is Dr. Martin Pall’s, below. I highly recommend it for those who haven’t read it.

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Dr. Patricia Johnson, “Can EMFs Affect Your Pets?”

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Wi-Fi is bad for you and your pets
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