April 25, 2020, Global Day of Protest Against 5G

I do not consent to 5G. The Anti-Wireless Shop does not consent to 5G, nor do its customers, nor do the readers of this blog, nor do a great many informed people around the world who are concerned about their health and the health of the planet. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

There won’t be any demos this time, because we’re all in quarantine. But that doesn’t mean we can’t protest. In fact, this might be a good thing, because on this occasion everyone has time to participate and no reason not to do something.

There are four basic things we can do to protest, and I would suggest that everyone does all four. One is write a letter to your local council/mayor/state or local representative and protest against 5G installation in your area. The EM Radiation Trust’s non-consent form (see link below) is simple to download and use. There are also petitions we can sign, depending where we are, so please sign all the ones that apply to you—see the links below for those.

The third thing everyone can do is make a sign of some sort and display it prominently in front of your home—a yard sign, or a sign that you can display in a window or hang from a balcony. The first link below contains some signs that you can print out, or make up your own sign to let the world know that you do not consent to 5G. Please make them big and easy to read. If you’re embarrassed to say that you don’t want 5G small cells in your neighborhood, then you are going to get 5G small cells in your neighborhood. They will be a lot harder to get rid of, once installed, than to prevent. So don’t be shy. In fact, I suggest that these signs become a permanent feature, so leave them up.

The fourth thing everyone can do may be the hardest—and the most vital. Stop using wireless technology. Cancel those wireless phone subscriptions and internet packages, stop using wearables and any other form of “smart” goods. The reason is simple: if people keep using 4G, the telecoms companies see a demand for 5G. Would they bother to put 5G into neighborhoods where no one had a cell phone? No, because there would be no demand. But where they see demand for 4G and 4G+/LTE, they know they can create the demand for 5G. Telecoms must create that demand, or they will stop being profitable—in fact, they are already losing money on 4G because smartphone sales peaked years ago. They really need 5G.

People who think 4G is a safe technology (as opposed to 5G, which isn’t) should think again. No wireless technology is safe. There is very little difference between the wavelengths used for 4G+/LTE and the lower wavelengths of 5G, which are not millimeter waves but microwaves. You are already being harmed by 4G technology, which is a good enough reason to give up wireless devices such as smartphones in the first place. If you do not consent to 5G, you shouldn’t be consenting to 4G—or 3G or 2G. So don’t consent to any of it, and stop using the products.

These are troubled times, and I think a great many of us feel powerless to change a situation we do not want in the face of massive denial and censorship from governments, Big Tech and Big Telecoms. Governments want 5G, so they deny the health effects and all the published independent science. FaceBook is actively censoring certain types of posts regarding 5G health effects, and Google is planning to censor information regarding both 5G and 4G health effects. This is not new, by the way. I remember some years ago when I first used Google to try to find out if cell towers could have health effects. The search engine brought up 13 pages of articles saying cell phones and cell towers were perfectly safe before I was able to find one article—on page 14—which said they weren’t. I haven’t used Google since.

Please don’t think that your own individual protest, whatever form it takes, is unimportant. It’s vitally important. We have to make our voices heard over the voices of Big Tech and Big Telecoms, and over the voices of those in governments everywhere who would impose on us a technology that will harm us, the people we care about, and the world we live in. We must not be silent. So say it loud and clear: I do not consent to 5G—or any G.

Some resources for signs, letters and petitions:



EM Radiation Research Trust Collection of Non-Consent Forms



Sign to Join CHD’s Submission to Stop FCC Rule Allowing 5G & Satellites Antennas on Homes

Let’s say a resounding “NO” to 5G
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