Did the EU Just Criminalize Anti-5G Activism?

A couple of days ago, I received the email below from the Italian Anti-5G Alliance. Scary stuff, as you will see:

EXCLUSIVE – European Union Council: repression and jail for those who report the health dangers of 5G. Doctors, scientists and activists at risk”
by Maurizio Martucci

“The news that will make the international movement Stop 5G tremble comes from Brussels: the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union has sent all delegates the conclusions entitled “Shaping Europe’s digital future”, approved by written procedure on 9 June 2020.

“Among the 24 pages of the document, which we partially report in absolute exclusivity on OASI SANA, point 36 ‘stresses that, in the context of the spread of new technologies such as 5G/6G, it is important to preserve the capacity of law enforcement agencies, security services and the judiciary to effectively exercise their legitimate functions; taking into account international guidelines for electromagnetic field effects on health; noting that it is important to combat the spread of misinformation on 5G networks, in particular with regard to claims that this network poses a health threat or that it is linked to COVID-19’.

“The Council of the European Union is a kind of European Council of Ministers, and the General Secretariat of the Council chaired by Danish diplomat Jeppe Tranholm Mikkelsen is the body in charge of assisting the European Council. In short, we are talking about the summit, the EU summit.

“After having discovered the clamorous conflict of interest of the Italian Government for the presence of Vittorio Colao in the Board of Directors of Verizon, world colossus of 5G, now it is clear that we are facing a real manoeuvre of encirclement as a game of Risk, a legalized techno-dictatorship, a witch hunt 2.0 in the unfolding of an unprecedented wave of repression orchestrated in the name of a denialist science devoted to risk in the technological unknown. In fact, this document puts on paper how nobody, from now on, will be able to feel safe anymore: repression against anyone who disagrees, even against precautionary politicians for the moratorium, doctors, scientists
and independent researchers engaged in denouncing the dark sides of the Internet of Things. But also against those who dare to question the obsolete and captious standards on thermal effects alone (and not strictly biological, much less long-term) drawn up by the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the private body based in Germany also condemned by the judges of the Court of Appeal of the Court of Turin for the unreliability of studies and links with telephone companies.”

Wow. Could this document from the Council of Europe be as bad as all that? After all, in 2011 the Council of Europe was calling for the precautionary principle with regard to wireless technologies—not that it was ever implemented. Actually, it is a terrifying document. What it says, basically, is that the future of the EU is 5G (and 6G) wireless, that they intend to impose it on every country in the EU, that European citizens have no choice about it, that the press is going to help them sell it to EU citizens, and anyone who says wireless technologies are unhealthy for people and dangerous to nature is disseminating false information and as such a criminal. You can read it for yourself at https://data.consilium.europa.eu/doc/document/ST-8711-2020-INIT/en/pdf

Here are some of the points in the document that I found most interesting, for a variety of reasons. The Council of Europe could itself be accused of disseminating false information in maintaining that wireless technologies in general and 5G in particular are safe, given the thousands of studies finding that electromagnetic fields cause harm at non-thermal levels.

1. RECOGNISES the importance of digital technologies in the transformation of the European economy and society, especially as a means to achieve a climate neutral EU by 2050–as underlined in the European Green Deal…” Not true. Wireless technologies, and 5G in particular, are extremely energy-hungry. Much of that energy is derived from either fossil fuels or nuclear, and that they certainly aren’t green in any sense of the word. Furthermore, wireless devices generate huge amounts of toxic e-waste.

3. AGREES that acceleration of the digital transformation will be an essential component of the EU’s response to the economic crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic…” I knew they were going to use COVID-19 to bulldoze 5G in, and this statement shows I was right on the nail.

7. …NOTES that satellites and other space-based assets and services are essential for the implementation and functioning of numerous digital applications as well as for providing connectivity in remote areas and monitoring of environment and climate changes. Therefore it is critical to continue to promote European space programmes in order to obtain the best possible preconditions for the digital transformation.” So satellite launches aren’t highly polluting to the environment? And the risk to the ionosphere, which generates the Schumann Resonance on which all life depends, isn’t worth contemplating? And it’s okay to cover the planet with electromagnetic fields from space because a few people (probably by choice) live in remote areas? And we don’t think producing all the energy needed to power 5G and 6G is going to affect the environment? Sure.

8. ACKNOWLEDGES the essential role played by digital technologies such as very high capacity broadband networks, blockchain, artificial intelligence and high performance computing in applying COVID-19 related measures, particularly in the areas of remote work, distance learning and research.” Right. First we force lockdowns everywhere, so people have to work and study from home. Then we assume that the only way to work or study is to do so on a computer, online. So obviously more wireless technology is needed, isn’t it? As for the other COVID-19-related measures, that would include tracking citizens—for their own good, of course.

34. UNDERLINES that the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for fast and ubiquitous connectivity, but that in many European regions this is not yet put in place.” As I said before, they’re using the virus to make the case that 5G is essential.

35. CALLS on the Commission to put forward a revised Action Plan for 5G and 6G supported with adequate financing measures, based on funds both from the Multiannual Financial Framework and the EU recovery fund.” This means they’re going to fast-forward plans for 5G and 6G, and that EU citizens are going to pay for it with their tax money whether they want this technology or not.

36. STRESSES that the roll out of new technologies such as 5G/6G should preserve the abilities of law enforcement authorities, security authorities and the judiciary to perform their legitimate functions effectively. TAKES into account the international guidelines concerning the health impact of electromagnetic fields. EXPRESSES the importance of fighting against the spread of misinformation related to 5G networks, with special regard to false claims that such networks constitute a health threat or are linked to COVID-19.” As Martucci says in his e-mail, this criminalizes dissent and effectively says that ICNIRP’s guidelines are the only ones which are valid.I am not aware that anyone has ever claimed that 5G causes COVID-19. But there are many studies showing that electromagnetic radiation suppresses the immune system, that it causes the blood-brain barrier to leak, and that it causes oxidative stress which in turn leads to illness. The fact is, despite the marvels of modern medicine, most people are not nearly as healthy as they should be. And there is plenty of evidence to show that electromagnetic fields—from all wireless technologies including 5G, have a role in this. If saying this makes me a criminal, so be it.

38. RECOGNISES that digital infrastructures, technologies and applications are critical enablers for tackling climate and environmental related challenges in Europe, as proposed in the European Green Deal. CALLS upon Europe’s digital ecosystem to actively contribute as soon as possible to achieving the objective of a climate neutral EU. STRESSES the need to bridge the gap between the green and the digital transformation in order to unleash the full potential of digital technologies for environment and climate protection…” This is an oxymoron. Wireless technologies are vastly contributing to environmental degradation and habitats worldwide, so they aren’t going to solve the problems they are creating. Using more energy is not going to make anywhere “climate neutral” especially since so-called “green” energy like solar and wind is not very green at all. Numerous studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from wireless technologies is harming insects, birds, and other wildlife, as well as trees and plants. More EMR is going to make the situation worse, not better.

49. STRESSES the need for effective and proportionate action against illegal activities and content online, including the distribution of illegal, counterfeited and dangerous goods, whilst ensuring the protection of fundamental rights, in particular the freedom of expression, in an open, free and secure Internet. ACKNOWLEDGES the need to address the dissemination of hate speech and disinformation online.” If the EU intends to categorize scientific studies finding that electromagnetic fields have a harmful effect on health and the environment as “disinformation”, then publishing these studies online, or commenting on them online, becomes illegal. And it becomes illegal to post a video discussing the dangers of wireless technology on YouTube or anywhere else. So much for “an open, free and secure internet”. Or independent science, for that matter.

51. SUPPORTS the plan to strengthen a future-proof media policy by promoting free and trustworthy media. Quality journalism, a diverse, sustainable and independent media landscape, transparency and strong promotion of media literacy are of particular importance in the digital transformation process and crucial for the European democracy, while helping to counteract the spread of fake news and disinformation online.” Translation: the media is going to have to toe the line; it may only publish EU-approved content or risk being accused of spreading falseinformation, censored or closed down for promoting “fake news and disinformation”.

As I said earlier, you can read the document for yourselves. It’s a doozy. As a map of the near-term future, it scares me to death and reminds me of a phrase I read recently: “The EU is the place where hope goes to die.”

5G is being pushed through everywhere—the EU is not alone in this, though this document’s approach to dissent may be more openly draconian. However, the Council of Europe does not, as far as I know, make the laws; individual states do. This document is only a blueprint of what Europe wants to do. The EU will put pressure on EU member states to conform, providing huge sums of money in return for compliance and denying funds to those countries which do not conform. It’s a lot of pressure, especially in times of economic difficulty, and representatives from every EU country have already signed on by participating in the writing of this document.

What this document says is that time to stop 5G in Europe is running short. So do we give up, shut up, bow to the inevitable and let them go ahead with this unhealthy, dangerous and ecocidal technology, or do we redouble our protests and stop 5G before it’s too late?

5G is on its way in. Protest, protest, protest.

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