A Brilliant Initiative to Stop the 5G Satellites

The worst aspect of 5G isn’t the terrestrial infrastructure, which is easy to block and easy to to take down. That’s a decision that can be made by individual communities, states or nations, many of whom are rejecting 5G. 5G satellites, on the other hand, are not within the power of individual communities to reject or stop. They are allowed by governments, some of whom have invested in this technology.

In the U.S., the FCC has given permission for SpaceX’s (a private company’s) satellites, but the UK government has bought the bankrupt OneWeb and will now own its satellites, while the EU also has plans for its own 5G satellites, as do other governments. Who knows how many satellites Russia, China and India plan to shoot into space? And China has just launched its first 6G satellite (see https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/china-leapfrogs-us-worlds-first-6g-satellite-amid-raging-tech-war ).

Space is about to get very crowded indeed. And the worst thing about this is that the pubic is largely unaware of how crowded the skies will soon become or the dangers these satellites pose.

One woman, the veteran anti-wireless campaigner Nina Beety, is so furious about all this that she is starting a major advertising campaign to inform the public what is happening. The timing is important because, she says, “Elon Musk’s SpaceX is going live soon with a beta test of global Wi-Fi and 5G over Canada and northern United States.** The dangers from the RF emissions and from 100,000+ satellites planned are extremely grave. This affects the Earth, its atmosphere, and all life.”

These satellites will affect the Earth, its atmosphere, and every living creature on this planet. Ms. Beety has compiled a list of the dangers from them:

* Health and environmental damage from RF/EMF to humans, bees, trees, and birds and other species

* Destruction of ozone and blocking of ozone production – ozone is essential for protecting Earth from harmful ultraviolet

* Stratospheric pollution blocks sunlight, which is essential for life and ozone creation

* Satellite and rocket re-entry shockwaves create nitric oxide which also destroys ozone

* Interference with weather satellites and GPS satellites

* The 3-5 year lifespan for many global Wi-Fi/5G satellites will necessitate constant launches of more short-lived satellites

* Immediate pollution and wildlife deaths from rocket exhaust, explosions, and toxic chemicals contaminating air, land, ocean and surface water

* Old satellites and their debris are left in the atmosphere by governments and companies with no plans or capacity for clean-up other than “de-orbitting”

* Debris endangers other satellites and the space station; some areas in the sky can no longer be used; risk of chain reaction collisions—Kessler effect—causing more debris

* Long-lived stratospheric pollution (3-5 years); chemicals, water vapor, dust, metals, and debris; it eventually falls out into the troposphere–the air we breathe—and onto the Earth

* Multiple climate impacts – blocking sunlight, trapping Earth heat via pollution and alumina in stratosphere; use of methane and fossil fuels; microwaving the atmosphere by satellites, land stations, and individual subscribers

* Re-entry: de-orbiting debris explodes, flames, melts, creates toxic dust and pollution; risk to life and property – U.S. FCC discusses acceptable casualty rates as 1:10,000

* Fire hazard to Earth from flaming debris—e.g. Chile 2019

* Terrestrial stations and satellites disrupt Earth’s natural electrical circuit by bombarding the atmosphere/magnetosphere with RF-EMF. The Earth’s natural electrical circuit is essential to all life and to the healthy functioning of Earth.

* Rocket and satellite debris dumped in the ocean without cleanup or studies of impacts

* Interference with astronomy, radio astronomy, and aviation

* Damage to the beauty and integrity of the sky

* Few studies on effects of these satellites, little interest by industry and government– they claim it’s a “big sky” and no effect, and resist anything inhibiting commerce and national “development”

* Virtually no oversight by regulatory agencies – categorical exclusion by the FCC of its satellite decisions from NEPA environmental review

Does this sound bad to you? It is bad—really bad. And you ought to be really worried about it. However, you are not powerless to change things: you can help fund Ms. Beety’s campaign, and use the components she is developing to spread the word worldwide. This is, after all, a global issue.

This is how it will work: For the cost of $15, 000, Ms. Beety has arranged with a major West Coast newspaper to place two full-page ads plus a national campaign online with spot ads and to target audiences. There will be a dedicated permanent page on their website with graphic design by the newspaper’s professionals, and all the components of these will be available for public use in flyers, posters, websites etc. She can place additional full-page ads for $5,000 each, depending on funding. The ads and the website will let the public know exactly how dangerous these 5G satellites/Global Wi-Fi are, and are intended to generate public outcry against them so that they can be stopped.

Ms. Beety says, “Global Wi-Fi and 5G must be stopped to prevent much greater damage to the Earth and all life, and to protect the future. There must be a moratorium now.”

This is a brilliant initiative, one that takes the campaign against 5G satellites and Global Wi-Fi beyond the Internet and out into the real world. This is important because many people don’t trust the Internet. They still rely on the mainstream media for all their information, and it is crucial to reach them. Full-page ads in print editions and a web page on a mainstream site could reach people who will otherwise never hear of 5G satellites and Global Wi-Fi.

Help Ms. Beety fund this campaign. Donate via PayPal at www.smartmeterharm.org/donate  (add a note that it is for the ad campaign). Then get out and spread the world that 5G satellites are endangering the world we live in. There is no time to waste.

Read more: https://www.ourplanet.org/greenplanetfm/ray-broomhall-spacex-plans-40-000-more-5g-global-microwaving-satellites-threatening-life-on-earth

** https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/spacex-starlink-broadband-beta-testers-amazed-its-speed-new-photos-emerge (Vomit warning. Trees interfered with the satellite transmissions: does this mean that forests are becoming endangered? Arthur Firstenberg certainly thinks so. Read his “Update on Satellites” which follows the “Outreach to Environmental Organizations” at https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Outreach-to-Environmental-Organizations.pdf While you’re at it, send a copy of the letter to an environmental organization near you.)

How soon before the sky is so thick with satellites that we can’t can’t see the stars?

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