“Safe” Wireless? No Way. It’s in the DNA.

by Naturalist Activist https://antiwirelessshop.wordpress.com/blog

When Crick and Watson discovered DNA in 1953, they discovered life itself. All living creatures—bacteria, fungi, plants, fish, insects, animals, birds, and humans all contain DNA. What is interesting is that all living creatures contain the same DNA. There aren’t different kinds of DNA; DNA is DNA.

Oxford Professor Richard Dawkins, in his book, “River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life”, says: “…the genetic code is in fact literally identical in all animals, plants and bacteria that have ever been looked at. All earthly living things are certainly descended from a single ancestor…You have to go to bacteria to find our distant cousins, and even then the genetic code itself is identical to ours.”

All living things on this planet are related. If bacteria are our distant cousins, so are sponges and mushrooms. We are related to trees and grasses, flowers and seaweed, to beetles and mosquitoes, frogs and fish, birds and other mammals. We are related to creatures which have long been extinct, such as dinosaurs. Because DNA is the same, the octopus eye is almost identical to the human eye. Because DNA is the same, a frog has five fingers just like we do, and many flowers have five petals. Think of DNA as a switchboard covered in lights. We all have the switchboard, and we all have all the lights, but they aren’t all switched on at once. Turn some lights off and some other lights on, and you get a frog instead of a prince.

Our planet has a remarkable diversity of life forms. Dawkins calls the explosion of life forms on this planet “the replication bomb”; life exploded like a supernova. We do not know, and possibly will never know, if any other planet in the universe has life. We may be unique. Life in all its forms is incredibly precious. This is not to say life forms don’t go extinct: they do. There have been five great extinctions to date, when many life forms died, and so many species are becoming extinct at this time that scientists are beginning to refer to this event as “the sixth great extinction”. But what is causing it?

Obviously that is a complicated question, and perhaps there are multiple factors involved. But there is no question that the sixth great extinction is coinciding with the invention of man-made radio waves, and that it has picked up pace with every new generation of mobile communications. We have invented a technology that damages DNA, and damaged DNA does not replicate. If a species cannot replicate, it dies out; it goes extinct. This may take a short time or a long time, depending upon the length of time between generations. While there may be several generations of fireflies in a single summer, one generation of humans typically takes 25 years. DNA damage will manifest itself far more quickly in the fireflies than in us. An experiment exposing quail eggs to mobile phone radiation found DNA damage in 10% of the eggs. How long do you think it would take for quails to go extinct if 10% of each clutch of eggs has damaged DNA?

Many people argue that we can use wireless technologies “safely”. For instance, we can turn off Wi-Fi at night, or turn it on only when we “need” to use it. We can have a mobile phone, but keep it switched off except when there is an emergency. There is a logical flaw in this argument. Wi-Fi, for instance, is never safe, and if it’s on it is damaging not only the user but everything else within its range. In a town or city, multiple people will always have their Wi-Fi on, even if they are all practicing “safe” use of this technology.

As for mobile phones, you need to have a subscription to use one. If you have a subscription, the telecommunications company you subscribe to has got to put cell towers everywhere so that you can use it. It doesn’t matter if you use it once in a blue moon; the cell towers have got to be there so that you can use it. The cell towers radiate in all directions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Within their orbit are all kinds of creatures, from bacteria to plants to birds and fish and animals and people, all of whom are being affected by the radiation. How is that “safe”?

The fact is, there is no “safe” use of mobile technology, because it doesn’t work unless there are cell towers to transmit the waves that people’s equipment can receive and send. The fact is, some creature is always going to be near a cell tower, and so it is being injured by the radiation whether you realize it or not. And it is not okay to blast other creatures with cell tower radiation because sooner or later those creatures will go extinct. While you personally may not miss some of the life forms on this planet (I would nominate the mosquito and the midge) the fact is, everything has its place in the food chain, and when one species dies out, something else that depends on it dies out, and something that depends on that dies out, and so it goes. And if we eliminate enough creatures from this planet, we too will die out, because we too need to eat. We are a part of the food chain, even if we do have smartphones.

Because DNA is DNA, experiments using other species which show harm caused by wireless technologies ought to tell us that we are being harmed by them, and that we are harming other species which have not been experimented on. So when the National Toxicology Program found that cellphone radiation caused cancer in rats, we should be concerned both for ourselves and for all of nature. Of course, the NTP blasted the rats with a maximum dose of radiation short of heating tissue, but that doesn’t matter because the Ramazzini Institute in Italy, conducting a similar experiment using radiation at the background level we are all exposed to by cell towers in our environment, got the same results, and the rats still got cancer—the same cancers. So if there is a cell tower, it is damaging something all the time. You just can’t have cell towers and argue that it is in any way “safe” to use mobile technology.

The only way to get rid of the cell towers (and all the other infrastructure of mobile communications) is if everyone—and I mean everyone—stops using mobile phones. That will be hard, because they’re convenient and useful. The smartphone has even greater appeal because, with its ability to show moving images, it taps into that dinosaur part of our brain that is attuned to movement. Dinosaurs couldn’t see things that didn’t move, and often we can’t either. How often have you failed to see something that was right in front of your eyes? Try to ignore a television that’s on in the corner of a room. It’s impossible. The eye flickers towards the moving images on the screen, even when the subject is of no interest whatsoever. You can’t help glancing that way now and again. No wonder the smartphone is addictive.

One smartphone user I know told me that other creatures will either have to adapt to cell tower radiation or go extinct; she wasn’t giving up her smartphone. The trouble is, as Professor Dimitris Panagopoulos says, it is not possible to adapt to electromagnetic radiation.* So in the end we will go extinct, too—though we will most likely kill off most other species first.

Richard Dawkins, whose book was published in 1995—before everyone had a cellphone and long before the smartphone—says in his book that man-made radio waves may be what propels our explosion of life beyond this planet. We can send out a message to say, “We are here” even if millennia pass before anyone receives it. Man-made radio waves enable communication with satellites and space vessels, enabling people to dream of pushing outwards into the universe.

One such dreamer is Elon Musk of SpaceX, who is filling our skies with 5G satellites and wants to colonize Mars. There is a flaw in his plan, though. Mars is a dead planet; it has no life forms. All the materials needed to build a colony where man can survive on Mars would have to come from Earth, and this assumes a living planet from which these resources could be taken and transported: plants and pollinators, animals and birds and aquatic creatures. If the radiation from his satellites, feeding the billions of radiating devices which people use on Earth, kill this planet, there will be no Mars colony or any other.

Dawkins admits that our “we are here” message may be received millions of years after we—and all life forms on this planet—have long ceased to exist. With wireless communications technologies advancing as inexorably as Genghis Khan’s armies, this is looking ever more likely.

Or we can stop using wireless communications and survive a while longer. What we cannot do is kid ourselves that wireless technologies are “safe” or can be used “safely.”

* https://zero5g.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Panagopoulos-2019-Mut-Res-Rev-Comparing-DNA-damage-induced-by-mobile-telephony-and-other-types-of-man-made-electromagnetic-fields.pdf

Read more about the genotoxicity of electromagnetic radiation: http://www.stayonthetruth.com/resources/Neil_Cherry/90_m1_EMR_Australian_Senate_Evidence_8-9-2000.pdf

Wireless radiation damages the DNA of all living things

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