On Valentine’s Day

by Naturalist Activist https://antiwirelessshop.wordpress.com/blog/

It’s Valentine’s Day. Because I love you, I will never use any wireless device anywhere that you might be. I will not use a smartphone or a cellphone, a tablet or a cordless phone, a smartwatch or a wearable. I will never, ever use Wi-Fi.

Because I love you, our home will be a place where you and I can be free of wireless signals, a sanctuary from the outside world. I realize that even walls cannot stop the signals from cell towers, public or neighbor Wi-Fi, and perhaps even the 5G satellites in space, but nothing in our house will attract their attention. If the signals get too bad, we will move. It doesn’t matter to me where we go; home is where you are.

Because I love you, I will not be distracted by “being connected”. When you talk, I will listen. I will pay attention to what you say, what you do, and how you feel. When we chose to spend our lives together, I meant it. Togetherness does not mean physical proximity while each partner engages with his or her own wireless device. I am always here for you.

Because I love you, I will never give you a wireless device. I will not buy you a smartphone for your birthday, or any of the myriad gadgets that depend on wireless signals to work. How would you like a wind-up watch instead? Or a good book?

Because I love you, I promise never to use any wireless devices myself. I realize that I am not invulnerable, and though I may not feel the microwaves that pass through my body when I use wireless technology, I know that they cause damage every time they do so. I do not want you to have to care for me if I get cancer, or to leave you widowed years before I would have died. I do not want you to have to become my minder should I develop a neurological disease like Alzheimer’s. I would cease to be your companion and become your burden. I want to remain healthy and active—and sane.

Because I love you, I want you to stay healthy, too. I would not have you sit near a Wi-Fi router or a cordless phone that constantly emits the same frequency as a cell tower. Your health is of paramount importance to me, and we know too many people who have sacrificed their health to the convenience of wireless technology. Too many people we know have developed thyroid conditions, asthma, neurological problems, cancers and even brain tumors. Too many of them have died before their time.

Because I love you, I will never suggest that we go to places that have Wi-Fi. If that means we will never have a coffee out, or never eat in a restaurant, or never attend a social event, so be it. If our friends want us to visit, they will turn their wireless devices off—or they can come visit us instead. If we must go to places that have Wi-Fi, we will keep those trips to the minimum and get out as fast as we can.

Because I love you, I will fight to get wireless technologies abolished. I will protest not only 5G, but the whole gamut of wireless technologies that have ruined so many lives, created such a vast health burden, and damaged the environment we live in.

Because I love you, I will do—or not do—all these things. If you love me, you will do—or not do—them for me.

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