5G and the War in Oceania

by Naturalist Activist (https://antiwirelessshop.wordpress.com/blog/)

In the book 1984, the war in Oceania is always being waged in the background. Every day the news reports its progress: a battle on this or that front, a small victory here, a loss there, so many killed or injured. The war in Oceania isn’t a real war, though the media reports it as though it were. Its purpose is to distract citizens and focus their attention on a common enemy rather than the real enemy, which is the government itself.

I am starting to feel as though our world is Orwell’s 1984, but in place of the war in Oceania we have COVID-19 dominating the media virtually to the exclusion of other news. How many new cases here, how many new cases there. How many deaths (though these alleged deaths are far fewer than alleged cases). Red zones, orange zones, yellow zones. A year ago the media were proclaiming, “This is will change the way we live,” and indeed it has.

So we wear masks everywhere, avoid gatherings and keep mandatory social distances. A simple handshake is now an act of subversion. Virtually everyone is frightened on some level: afraid of the virus or of other people who might infect them, afraid of being fined for not wearing a mask or breaking curfew or violating social distancing laws, afraid of the vaccine, afraid of their neighbours, afraid of the police, afraid of their own governments, afraid of going broke as economies collapse, afraid of the future.

In the supermarket, the loudspeakers constantly remind us to keep two meters apart at all times. They constantly remind us to use credit or debit cards instead of cash because “money is dirty”–as if the virus could not cling to the plastic surface of a card.

We cannot go into shops, even when they are open, but must stand in the street waiting to be served. (Funny how online shops are allowed to remain open when physical shops are forced to close—do they not have personnel who might get or transmit the virus?) We must keep our identity cards and passes on us in case we are stopped by the police. It is all state of fear, and it is very effective indeed.

COVID-19 has succeeded marvelously well at changing the way we live. Education is now conducted online using the Internet. People work from home using the Internet. Locked in their homes and/or afraid to go out, people entertain themselves or protest the status quo using the Internet. They learn online, shop online, get their news online, communicate online. Not surprisingly, Internet traffic has risen hugely. Much of this traffic is wireless in one way or another. Even in homes with a wired-in landline, when everyone is online at the same time they are all using Wi-Fi to connect. Even when they are not at home, people are constantly engaged online, on their smartphones, complaining about the slow service of 4G—or so the telecoms industry would have us believe.

According to telecoms and governments themselves, we need 5G. I mean, it’s obvious, isn’t it? The future is online: work, public services, education, communication and entertainment, banking services (with all-digital currencies, of course) and even shopping. COVID-19 is being used to shoehorn the population into accepting the clear need for 5G. It doesn’t matter whether COVID-19 is a real threat to world health; like the war in Oceania, the myth as promulgated by government and the media is the only truth. The way they are reshaping the world, the future is online, and it’s all digital. This is what is being called “the great reset”

The trouble with the digital world is that it isn’t real. Digital currency isn’t real, and it can vanish at the touch of a button. A digital identity isn’t real; online you can call yourself whatever you want, and be whoever you want. And when the only things that identify you are digital, your real existence can be wiped out with a few keystrokes. Suddenly, you don’t exist; you become a non-person with no money, no job, and no rights whatsoever.

In fact, the digital world isn’t real in any way; an image of a bird or flower is not a real bird or flower. A picture of food is not food, and it won’t assuage your hunger. A picture of a glass of water will not quench your thirst. A picture of a Hawaiian landscape doesn’t mean you’ve been there.

Governments will certainly try to install 5G everywhere on the premise that people need faster Internet speed. Many people are opposing this, myself included, and I hope with all my heart that we will succeed in stopping 5G. However, the problem is much bigger than 5G.

What governments are trying to achieve with COVID-19 is to force everyone to live through their Internet connection. It is the ultimate weapon of social control, because the minute they take it away from you, you are disenfranchised. You will no longer be able to communicate, shop, bank, access government services or anything else. This can happen even if 5G itself is defeated; it is already happening with 4G.

In 1984, the war in Oceania is a distraction from government oppression. I see COVID-19 being used in just this way in our world, to usher in an era where people are isolated and afraid and malleable, dependent on a frail connection to the outside world—a connection that be easily taken away.

Our real strength as human beings is not connection through the Internet but directly with each other. Go have a live conversation with someone you can see and touch. Shake their hand. Go look at the real world with your own eyes, not pictures taken by someone else and displayed on a screen. Use your local shops and services; they provide people with real jobs and you with personalized attention.

Do you really want to defeat 5G, to defeat wireless technologies? Then get offline—even if you don’t use wireless technology. Connect with real people and real things. Plant something and watch it grow. Real revolutions happen in the real world. And stop being afraid; fear is their weapon.

Connecting directly with other people and with nature is what gives us real strength.

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