War of the Worlds

by Naturalist Activist

On the evening of Friday, May 7, 2021, we witnessed an alien invasion.

“Come quick, you’ve got to see this!” my husband shouted. “What is it?”

I ran outside. To the northwest, a line of bright lights, like bright stars, were progressing across the sky in an immense parabola, coming up from WNW and moving slowly ENE. They appeared faint at first, brightened as they reached their zenith, and faded slowly as the arc descended again. My husband tried to count them, but there were too many—maybe 300, maybe more.

But these were not star ships invading earth from another galaxy, although we were indeed witnessing an invasion. What we were seeing was a launch of 5G satellites, probably from somewhere in West Africa. Remote, unstoppable, they inspired in us as much fear as an actual alien invasion, because they represent as much danger to our world as some inimical alien species.

This is indeed a war of the worlds, but H.G. Wells couldn’t have imagined the half of it. We are not in danger from some six-legged exoskeletal race from a far-off planet. It’s much worse than that. Our world is in danger from us. The greatest enemy of Planet Earth is Man—or some of us, anyway.

This war of the worlds is man against nature, and machine against man and nature, and man against man. This war threatens to wipe out the insects, birds, animals, fish and

plants that have their own right to survive and without whom we cannot hope to survive. This war directly threatens our own health and survival. We are cocooning our planet in vast amounts of non-ionizing radiation, billions of times more than any terrestrial species is adapted to tolerate, and it is very hard to see how the consequences of doing so will be good.

This is a war of machine against man, for 5G is not for man’s benefit but to speed up the machinery of the all-computer age. 5G is needed to replace man in factories, civil servants who manage cities, tax assessors, teachers in classrooms, and even as a driver of his own car. Smart appliances will control our homes and smart wearable devices will control our bodies. In the 5G world, computers and robots will run just about everything.

This is a war of man against man, because those of us who do not want to participate in the 5G world are not being asked if we want to do so. One world view—that computers run by wireless communications are only way forward—is being forced ruthlessly upon us all. Some people have yet to realize the dangers—not just physical dangers, but intellectual and moral dangers—of the 5G world, the 5G society. This is emphatically not just a question of your having faster download speeds so you can spend even more of your time on social media, or ordering stuff from Amazon, or watching movies. And yes, they want you to spend your life in front of that flickering blue screen. It keeps you busy and compliant, and they can know what you’re doing and thinking all the time, and they can control you in much the same way as they control the street lights.

If you are censoring your thoughts or language so that you won’t be kicked off FaceBook or Twitter, you are being controlled. This is one of the intellectual dangers, because a society that doesn’t tolerate original thought and instead encourages hive behaviour is no longer a free society or a healthy one. What we have here is the modern form of the Inquisition, and it is just as intellectually and morally stifling.

Many people consent to being stifled, in fact don’t recognize that this is happening to them, because they are becoming so absorbed into the collective consciousness of our age that they have not stopped to think for themselves in at least a decade—and the youth, never. So much of what we think we know we don’t actually know for ourselves; we have merely been told repeatedly that this or that is so until we accept it as fact.

The moral dangers of becoming part of the collective cannot be overstated: if you do not, and cannot, think for yourself and possess your own moral compass, you are lost. Until now, only in dictatorships have people been afraid to stand up against what they knew to be wrong. In the Internet age, we are up against a different kind of dictatorship, but it is even more pernicious because we manufacture our own fear—that of social isolation.

This is a war of man against man, because in the 5G world a very few people will dominate the entire planet. Elon Musk, for instance, has stated that he wants to control 50 percent of all Internet traffic through his fleet of 5G satellites. In a planet of seven billion people, imagine the power that will give him, and others like him. Are you willing to give it to him? Do you trust him to use that power wisely? I don’t.

This is the real war of the worlds, and it is happening now. What truly frightens me is the thought that we—those of us who oppose the wireless world, the 5G world—may have already lost it. And I don’t know what to do about it. So I’m going to go plant my summer garden and pray to the gods of nature, the ancient gods of crops and weather and sun and moon, that it is not too late.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Who needs aliens when you have 5G satellites?
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